Print Guidelines

the artwork

Each separate artwork must:

  • Be within 280mmx580mm (sometimes we can get around this)

  • Have a single colour (Colours may be layered, but this will cost extra) *Excludes Inkjet Printing

  • Not be too complex (Our machinery can not cut accurately below a certain scale, so smaller details are often recommended to be removed)

  • Be a high quality JPEG, PNG, EPS or PDF (If the quality is poor and/or require a redesign this may be something we can help with, just ask!)

OK Artwork.png
Not OK Artwork.png

the process

Send us an email (or contact via contact us page) containing:

  • A copy of the artwork you wish for us to use

  • A description of what you want printed i.e. Size of artwork, location of artwork on the garment, colour of vinyl

  • A description of the garment/s you require e.g. Cotton T-Shirt, Long Sleeved, Black or Rider Rucksack, Grey, Quantity

We will reply with Proofs of the proposed design, to which you will either need to reject or approve

Once proofs have been approved, we will send an invoice for the order. Once invoice has been paid, we will supply a due date and get to work making the order!

Example-Proof -01.png